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    About Us
  • How long have you been in the Ticketing Software business?
    • We have been in the general admissions POS business for over 25 years. Bruce Hall was one of the principles in one of the first Ticketing system Companies –Theatron Data Systems. (TDS)
  • Where are you located?
    • We are located in Escondido, California just north of San Diego, California
  • What is your mailing address?
    • 1153 Inspiration Lane, Escondido, CA 92025
  • What are your support telephone numbers?
    • (760) 480-1002
  • Are you a publicly traded company?
    • No, we are a privately owned company.
  • What are your strengths?
    • We offer low cost professional ticketing software & systems
  • Who do you work with?
    • Everyone; small theaters with a single laptop to megaplex chains with multiple stations.
  • What venue types use your system?
    • We offer programs for every venue type Theatres to Ice rinks and boat trips
  • Why might I want to use TicketingSystem software?
    • Our software is well tested by many venues. When someone comes up with a new feature that we think is a good improvement, we put it in and that is how the software ends up with so many features.
  • How can I advertise on TicketingSystems.com?
    • When you purchase our online sales, we offer links from our site to yours. This will drive traffic to your site.
  • What support do you provide?
    • We provide 24/7 support to customers that require support, however, our systems are so well designed and tested that for most people this is not necessary.
  • How do I report a software problem?
    • There are two different types of problems, those that need immediate help and those that can wait. For immediate help, we use direct connect cell phones for instant communications. For questions or other non-emergency information, we have a website setup to answer these questions. For additional information you can email our customer support at: support@ticketingsystems.com.
  • If I have other questions where can I get more information?
    • we have a website setup to answer these questions. For additional information you can email our customer support at: Support@ticketingsystems.com.
  • Do you offer onsite training if requested, if so what is the cost?
    • Yes we do offer onsite training but our system is simple enough to use that you can practically look at the screen and know how to use it. If you do with onsite training please contact our customer support by email at Support@TicketingSystems.com
  • How do I order hard or electronic copies of user manuals?
    • Our website has electronic copies available for immediate download. You will also find a copy on your system. Located in the C:\Ticket\Manuals directory.
  • What are the terms and conditions on the use of TicketingSystems software?
    • Our software is licensed in the same way that Microsoft software is used. If you have 3 computers then you will need 3 licenses.
  • If I have a question that is not answered in this FAQ what should I do?
    • This is the way we get our questions for the FAQ – please email support@TicketingSystems.com with your questions, they will be answered and if we feel they will help others, we will add them in the FAQ list.
    System Information
  • Can you customize your system?
    • Yes, most systems out there are versions that people have requested changes on and if we think others will benefit then we will incorporate the changes in the next release.
  • When's the next release?
    • We have a bi-annual release schedule, however, if we find something that could be done easier and would benefit everyone we will do it right away.
  • What operating systems does your software run on?
    • Most MS Windows operating systems, 95,98,2000 and XP – but not ME or Vista since these were either dropped (in the case of ME) or will be soon replaced, in the case of Vista being replaced by windows 7.0.
  • What are the minimum system requirements to run your software?
    • 256 megabyte DDR SDRAM
    • 10 gigabyte hard drive
    • Celeron or AMD compatible processor
    • Ethernet network, Internet is mandatory for online ticketing
    • Epson or Epson compatible ticket printer
    • Inkjet or Inkjet compatible report printer
  • Is this a server based system?
    • This is a “virtual server” based system – which means that you can use any computer for the server. If your computer goes down, you simply rename one of the others and it becomes the server.
  • What happens when the server goes down?
    • If your server goes down, you simply rename one of the others and it becomes the server.
  • How many POSes can I run at once?
    • You can run a mix of 20 ticketing or concessions at one time. To expand this you would need a concessions server and run 20 of each for a total of 40 stations.
  • How do I sign up to recieve email notifications of special offers?
    • On our website, we have email notification of special offers. Go to www.TicketingSystems.com and sign up.
  • Do you offer extended hardware warranties, if so what is the cost?
    • Yes, we do offer extended hardware warranties. This would depend on the age of the equipment and the quantity. It would be best to call our sales staff for more information.
  • What are your return policies?
    • Since it is very expensive to order equipment, have it shipped to our location, program it then have it shipped to you to install, we will work with you upfront to make sure our equipment does exactly what you want before we even sell it.
  • How can I get a refund for the ticket I just bought?
    • Our Ticketing portal is in the design phase now so this will be addressed when we start selling tickets.
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