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 Out here in the East, rarely do you read about or see those notorious people who do not use chairlifts. I talking about those people who skin up the mountain only to turn back around and ski down.

Maybe itís because our mountains are smaller than out West, maybe the popularity is late coming, or maybe we are just lazy, but for some reason we donít hear about cheap moncler skinning very much here in Quebec (I exclude all the lucky folks who head out to the Chic-Chocs, of course).

I had the chance to go to Mont-Tremblant with The North Face and try it out on our chilly slopes. At night. I grabbed my one-piece heated ski suit and drove north.

Starting at the base of the South side, it starts out easy on a very large ski trail.Soon enough you jump into the forest and begin a more peaceful ascent of one of moncler outlet online Quebec largest ski mountains. The Cheap Moncler Jackets Online Store trail wound its way though gulleys, crossed trails, and offered plenty of views. We were lucky enough to have a great sunset mid mountain; it definitely added to the already pleasant ascent.

For some reason skinnig up doesn seem like work in the least- I have a smile on my face the whole way up, regardless that the thermometer says -20 Celsius. moncler outlet Like rock climbing, the fun is getting up there, but with this sport you get a little pleasure on the way down as well.At the summit we sip on hot chocolate, hover around the fire and laugh, all the while trying not to think about what our exposed faces are going to encounter in a few minutes.After a few quick turns following our insane patroller, we are at the base once again. A quick check to make sure my cheap moncler jackets lips are still there, and I gather my strength to form a stiff smile (below is a before picture of one of the TNF guys). All in all, a winderful day, with new experiences and great company. Needless to say if you get a chance to try out touring gear, don miss the opportunity.

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